What is PREVENT?

PREVENT is concerned with tackling the radicalisation of individuals, both in the UK and elsewhere, which sustains the international terrorist threat. The Government seek to do this by:

  • tackling disadvantage and supporting reform by addressing structural problems in the UK and overseas that may contribute to radicalisation, such as inequalities and discrimination.
  • deterring those who facilitate terrorism and those who encourage others to become terrorists by changing the environment in which the extremists and those radicalising others can operate.
  • engaging in the battle of ideas by challenging the ideologies that extremists believe can justify the use of violence, primarily by helping Muslims who wish to dispute these ideas to do so.

What role does the community have to play in PREVENT?
The overarching aims of PREVENT cannot be achieved without the involvement and engagement of local communities.

It is the experience, energy and ideas found within the community that will shape the development and implementation of the PREVENT programme and overcome the threat of terrorism and violent extremism.

How can I help?
Local people can make a real difference to tackling the threat of terrorism and violent extremism.

One important way people can help is by being vigilant and reporting any suspicious activity to police.

A confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline is in place to take calls about concerns people have.